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Manuel Ayim . A

It is interesting to know that all participants involved exhibited an increased ability to digest carbohydrates. Did you experiment with different races such as Asians, Caucasians, African Americans, and Spanish? I would love to know the outcome if all the groups are involved. I would also like to know why the experiment was carried out on women only? Will it not work with men?


So, it's about the digest carbohydrates of different people? That's very interesting.

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The normal model of human flora responded to the introduction of the five strains of bacteria by turning on genes that were not turned on in the absence of the new five.idzmj0820

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The human body is made up of about 100 trillion cells and also contains about ten times as many microorganisms in their intestinal tract (1). These gut flora, or intestinal microbiota

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My family has been successfully following a simple healthy eating plan for years and we all enjoy remarkable health. So, if you're looking for a free healthy eating plan, you've come to the right place.

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I'm glad that someone is doing something important and that people that really need help are getting it.
Keep up the good work and I hope I will learn new things from you in the future.

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To describe what we should eat and why, Michael Pollan says, "Eat food. Not a lot. Mostly plants". This Nutritional Therapist from western Massachusetts disagrees and thinks he can do better.


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I never knew that human body is capable of such wonderful things. I am really stunned by the content of your blog.

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This is really very informative post. I liked the way you have explained each and every minute detail.

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Thanks for sharing such an informative post with an example as how to manipulate the gut flora in humans which helps to increase our ability to digest foods.

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I never knew bacteria would actually be helpful to human body. Like is there any limit for it?

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Good article to refer for the information relating to the human body and their organism. Their are certain points in your post which I think rarely any on will be knowing.

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Eating Wide Varieties of Gut Bacteria Enhances Human Health. - Biochemistry 421 is test , thanks !

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