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Though it was well-choreographed and extremely difficult, it looked as though the performers were just enjoying a normal Friday evening together.

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WOW! Your review of the play is impressive. I would also like to attend a similar event, sorry I do not know where to find somethinf familiar in our city..

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“What is dance?”.. it is very complicated question. I don't even think anybody can ever give general definition to it.. Dance is something personal for each man..

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I agree that they are people and they make mistakes as all people in the world. When a play or a dance is similiar to come without any mistake such performances seems to me not real or made by robots..

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The performance is great! Like such style of events. They make me relaxing and forgetting about problems..


Performer Sarah Donnelly is very sincere and moving. She has a wonderful plastic and manner of emotioanl expressions. It is a real actor.

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I agree that there will be more antitrusts as a consequence, but maybe people will lose interest in litigation in the future?

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Dance is your emotion, when you open your soul. If you can make it your dance will fantastic.

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Nothing was taken too seriously, though each performer had to have a serious mindset to execute the precise movements.idzmj0830


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