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Julie Lloyd

So glad to hear you made it safely and in daylight! Have a great week Team TMI. We'll be thinking of you in Fonda, NY!


Alicia N.

Yay! So glad you guys arrived safely and are blogging away already! Enjoy your trip. Can't wait to read the posts.

Bethany Printup-Davis

JENNYYYYY, J J J Jenny and the Jess!

Glad to see the gang has safely arrived atop the mountain, despite its topsy, turvy roadway turns. Have an awesome time, hug some trees and get dirty in the mighty Appalachia.

To the first time TMIers, take it all in- The beauty and serenity of this Earth we live on and all it can offer us, even in the simplest of means. Its something else. Have a great time, keep us posted.


Lyndsi Holmes

Jenny and the Jess! I hope everything continues to go well and you have a great time again! I'm so glad you guys are back!!!

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