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There's one thing you need to know about the green consumer. They want to know. According to the Roper Green Gauge, 54% reported they would do more if they only knew what and how. So moving your communications to educate and inform can do a lot to grow your green business.


I was really sick drunig both of my pregnancies (nauseous and exhausted the whole time). There was nothing fun about it, but it did force me to simplify. I would only focus on the things that HAD to be done. I would never want to go back to feeling like that, but it made me realize that a lot of the stress in my life is chosen, and therefore I should take responsibility for it, and own it, which can be empowering in itself.

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They want to know. According to the Roper Green Gauge, 54% reported they would do more if they only knew what and how.


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