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Zhang Guang

There are a series of pictures with accompanying autographs on the wall of some of the stars who visited, including Judy Garland, John Wayne, and Bing Crosby.

Tom Stone

Sometimes you can find a cheaper rate for the Savoy if you get lucky.

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Sounds delish! Never heard of this dish. I use to date an Italian man many moons ago when I lived in New York. At Christmastime, the flamiy had lots and lots of food, but never this dish. Maybe it's a regional dish in Italy, because I am sure this flamiy would have made it for the holidays. They had about 25 different foods at Christmas dinner.I am definitely going to try this because I love cabbage and cook all different cabbages all of the time throughout the year. I adore hot peppers. The only drawback is, I don't care for anchovies! I'll use kosher salt instead, it may not have the same flavor punch, but it'll take care of the saltiness called for in the recipe.


Izgledaju prekrasno. Nisam nadkia probala sarmice sa takvim nadjevom, zanimljiv je u svakom slučaju. Do tvog posta i fantastične slike, sarmice iz talijanskih kuharica mi nisu privukle pažnju, nisam ni obratila pažnju na recepte, misleći sarma k9o sarma, ali su zaista drukčije od naših.


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